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Expectations and Commitment Agreement

Our high standards of excellence and commitment are what make the Performing Arts Academy (PAA) unique. A student’s success is directly related to working hard and achieving the goals that are given in a supportive environment, both at PAA and at home. Our P.A.A. expectations for students and parents/guardians are below:


Be prepared by practicing at home, bringing all necessary materials and wearing appropriate attire and shoes. Be accountable for assigned roles, parts or previous instruction. If inadequate preparation is demonstrated, the teaching artist or artistic team may reassign the role or assign an understudy.


Contribute to the community with a kind and positive attitude. Lead by respecting others and respecting the space.


Maximize your time with perfect and prompt attendance. Known absences are communicated in writing to prior to the first day of any session. If serious ailment or sickness occurs during a session resulting in several absences, the teaching artist or artistic team may either reassign or cast an understudy.

PAA’s commitment is to create the opportunity for transformative experiences in as many ways as possible for participants who are prepared and able to  engage in this type of performing arts educational experience. Your commitment to PAA will help you learn, perform and grow in confidence, skills and character as much as possible.

Our Organizational Goals:

Performing Arts Academy (PAA) provides transformative, character building experiences for Pre-K through 12th grade students through performing arts education. The three core values that set us apart and create a lasting impression on our students and families are Character, Curriculum, and Community.

Character through leadership and integrity

We foster an understanding of diversity that includes people of all abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and faiths. We cultivate leadership through service to our students, modeling a spirit of kindness, generosity, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, transparency, and the highest standards of conduct.

Curriculum guided by educational standards

With the understanding that performing arts are essential to a balanced education, we design and implement curriculum that promotes

Community focus

PAA extends community to everyone and incorporates teamwork and collaboration into our programs. We also encourage students to graciously share their talents with public audiences as part of their learning experiences.

PAA’s Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

  • Drop Off: During the Fall and Spring PAA sessions, parents and guardians can drop their child off or bring them into the building to sign in.  
  • Pick Up: During class or rehearsal pick-up, PAA requests that children 6th grade and below (ages 3-12) be signed out by their parents and escorted to their vehicle as an added measure of safety in what is becoming a very busy parking lot. 

PAA highly regards the safety of all students and can only provide supervision during the time that programming is occurring.  Students must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of programming, and must be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of programming (rehearsals, classes, workshops etc.).

A one-time late pick up or early drop off of not more than 15 minutes is allowed without penalty. Following the one-time allowance, a $1 per minute fee will be charged and applied for subsequent early drop offs and/or late pick-ups.  The Arrival and Pick-up policy applies to all parents, guardians, and students who are responsible for their own transportation plans.

PAA values your commitments and time, and asks that you understand and respect PAA’s staff and faculty schedules and the importance we place on the supervisory responsibilities of our students.

PAA’s Attendance Policy:

All absences and known conflicts must be given to PAA by an adult for students 18 or under.

  • In the case of emergencies and last minute illnesses call 303-900-7041 X0.

Spring and Fall Productions

  • Students must attend one of the auditions for the production in person. The length of time required to stay at the audition varies by program. Video auditions are very discouraged and only allowed if requested in advance to Video auditions do not allow students the same opportunity for in-person evaluation and should be a last resort option only.
  • Students are allowed up to two absences during rehearsal time, and none during tech and performance. Please email at least one week in advance of a known absence.
  • If absence/s are known at the time of auditions, we ask that they be written down on the Conflict Sheet provided to each student at auditions.
  • In the case of emergencies and last minute illnesses please call 303-900-7041 X0. All students must be available for tech week and performances. No absences allowed during this time except for medical and other emergencies.
  • If a student fails to attend rehearsal as expected, PAA may need to reassign role/s to support the rest of the students and the production.


  • Since classes are collaborative and build upon themselves, it is best if students do not miss class. If a student misses more than 2 classes they may not be able to participate in the Shareformance.
  • Students are allowed up to 2 absences before their Shareformance participation is potentially impacted, however missing class is strongly discouraged as it is detrimental to individual student learning and group development. We ask for at least one week notice prior to a student being absent to class. Please email
  • In the case of emergencies and last minute illnesses please call 303-900-7041 X0.
  • On Monday and Thursdays from 5:15-5:30, there is a faculty-led time for snack and conversation with fellow students on topics and ideas that build positive personal growth, engagement and community. We ask that all students who are taking classes participate in this time of sharing for the evening/s they are with PAA.

Summer Camps

  • Students must attend one of the auditions for their camp in person. The length of time required to stay at the audition varies by program. Video auditions are very discouraged and only allowed if requested in advance to Video auditions do not allow students the same opportunity for in-person evaluation and should be a last resort option only.  (Note: Studio Discovery and Studio 1 do NOT have audition days.)
  • All known conflicts must be written down on the Conflict Sheet provided to each student at auditions. If there are many conflicts with rehearsals, this may impact PAA’s ability to involve a student fully in a production.
  • For the Studio Discovery Camps please have your student be as involved as possible with the camp. It can be hard to prepare students for the Friday Shareformance if they miss too much time with us.
  • In the case of emergencies and last minute illnesses please call 303-900-7041 x 0.
  • Because of the collaborative and building nature of the camps, absences are highly discouraged. If there are many late or missing times, PAA may need to reassign role/s to support the students and production.
  • For Studio 1,2,3, 4 and Ensemble Camps, tech week is the second week, and missing time during that week can be especially hard to make up.
  • Attendance at performances and, if requested, participation in strike (clearing away of the show after the last performance) is required.
  • For Studio 4 Conservatory Program, full attendance is expected.

                                        PAA’s Classroom and Rehearsal Rules and Guidelines 

                                                                        (Posted in each classroom and rehearsal space)

  1. Be prepared! This may include items such as dance shoes for dance classes, sneakers or jazz shoes to rehearse in, paper for notes, pencil, water bottle, and music and/or scripts. Practice outside of rehearsal is critical. Classes may also ask for homework and preparation. You may need to bring a snack or food for some longer rehearsals or classes. Your instructors will tell you specifics about what is needed to be successful!
  2. Be a part of creating a safe and respectful space. This means all students, faculty and staff work together to create a supportive environment for every student to learn and grow. Be kind, courteous, and respectful to others, take care of yourself and take care of the room. Respect other people’s personal space and keep your hands to yourself unless instructed otherwise (example; dance contact improv). 
  3. PAA does not allow mean, hostile or threatening words or actions. 
  4. Please go to a faculty or PAA staff member if you have a problem or conflict that you need help solving. We are here to help you resolve differences and find solutions.
  5. Please ask an adult if you need to leave the room for any reason. 
  6. Ask the PAA faculty or staff member at the front desk if you would like to phone or text home and/or contact an adult/guardian.
  7. Use the restroom before/after classes and rehearsals and during break times. Bathroom breaks when classes and rehearsals are underway will only be allowed in an emergency.
  8. Cell phones and other electronics must stay in backpacks at all times, as well as toys, stuffed animals, food, and items not requested by the instructors. Backpacks stay outside of classes and rehearsals in the location requested by PAA staff members. All notes must be taken with pencil and paper. 
  9. Stay engaged and focused. Every moment in class and rehearsal is an opportunity to learn. Stay attentive, and seek to learn from others and support their process. 
  10. Be brave! Take creative risks.
  11. Have fun!

What Happens If I Don’t Follow These Rules?

  • If you do not follow these rules, are disruptive, and/or create an unsafe space for yourself and/or other students, you will be escorted from the classroom or rehearsal to the PAA staff or faculty member at the front desk who will determine a course of action. This may include contacting a parent/guardian. 
  • In most cases, you will have two opportunities to correct your behavior. The third time you do not follow the rules, are disruptive and/or create an unsafe space, you will be removed from the program.
  • PAA has a zero tolerance rule for the use of threatening, violent language, and/or the use of physical violence. Any of these behaviors will result in immediate contacting of an adult/guardian and your removal from the program.

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