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What Will Happen in the Audition Room?

  • You will go into the audition room with a small group of students.
  • The director, music director and choreographer will usually be the people in the room. Sometimes there might be a few more members of the team also in the room.
  • They are the people who will be teaching you classes and guiding the rehearsal process for your show.
  • You will take turns singing the music you have prepared, learning a short dance sequence that you will demonstrate to the choreographer after learning it, and also may be asked to read some lines from the script.
  • The order of those three things – music, dance, acting – changes depending on what order the team has decided to go in.
  • You may be asked to introduce yourself before the first thing you do (singing, acting or dance). Make sure to speak clearly and loudly, and give the information the team asks (often something like your name, and the music you have brought to sing, for example).
  • If you are not asked to read from the script, do not be worried or concerned. Each team does things differently, and, once you have sung and danced, that may be all they need from you.
  • The audition will last about 45 minutes in total.
  • Your adults need to please wait outside the audition room.

Who Are the People in the Audition Room?

  • The director is the person who oversees the entire show, and also does the acting and blocking (where you move on stage) rehearsals.
  • The choreographer creates and teaches the dances with the cast, and may also do other parts of the show depending on how the director and choreographer choose to work together.
  • The music director is in charge of all of the singing and music for the production. They work closely with both the director and choreographer to make it all tie in together.
  • The teams work very hard to match you with a role that will be a bit challenging and fun!

Three Important Things

    1. Breathe. If you feel anxious, try slowing your breathing a bit, and pretend you are gently and slowly blowing on a wand to make bubbles. This is called using bubble breath.
    2. Be Yourself. We are thrilled to have you with us. The more you are you, the better we can find a role that that will be a good fit for you!
    3. Have Confidence. If you don’t feel confident, try finding a space in the waiting area before you go in and make a wide X with your body. Be an “X” for about 20 seconds or more!
      This actually changes things in your body to help you feel balanced and reduces fear, which helps a lot with confidence.
      Don’t worry if you feel like you look kind of strange doing this. Theatre people do all sorts of fun things to warm up their bodies, minds and voices! We will understand. And we might join in!

Ideas for Activities While You Wait

      • If you still need a bit more confidence building, ask an adult or friend to give you a pep talk. What you are doing takes courage and daring! You can do it!
      • Find someone to read some of the script with you for fun. It will help warm you up and keep your mind from getting worried.
      • Stand up and shake out your body. Imagine all the worried thoughts getting shaken out.
        Walk around a bit and hum a favorite tune.

It is important to know that theatre takes every single person, onstage, behind the stage, and in support positions to make it happen. The show can not happen without YOU! 


Q: Can adults watch the students in the audition room?
A: No, we ask that adults please wait outside of the audition room. This allows the young people to fully participate in the process without additional distraction.

Q: Will every student have a role in the show?
A: Yes! Every student will have a role in the show and will be involved in the rehearsals!

Q: Does every student participate in the classes that happen in the two week session?
A: Yes!

Q: When will I know my role?
A: We will email casting information typically 48 hours after the audition completion process. This may vary so please be patient with us. If you don’t receive any email within a week please check in with our producer.

Q: How will I know my role?
A: PAA will send an email.

Q: What if I don’t get the role I was hoping for? 
A: This is one of those tricky things that doesn’t have a perfect answer. We suggest talking your feelings out with an adult you trust, then taking a new look at the role you have been given with the goal of finding a way “in” to making friends with your character.
It could be fun to imagine you are interviewing your character to find out what they like, dislike, their dreams and hopes, their fears and maybe a secret too. This type of game is fun no matter if your character is a person or animal! Try looking for clues in the script to help figure out who your character is, and then use that information to invent things that feel right to you about your character and their journey through the story.

We are delighted to have you here with us at PAA!
As we say in the theatre, break a leg with your audition!*

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