How to Register 

Step by Step 

Step 1 – Selecting A Program

In the program registration window click on the program you want to sign up for. 

Step 2 

Click Register.

Step 3 – Logging In

If you are not logged in you will be prompted to enter your email and Password.

  1. If you have a account please click the login link.
  2. If you have not created a account please enter your email and a password. This will create a account from which you can add/edit your registrations from. You can also view your payments, past classes, and view a calendar of your child’s class’s / show’s.

Step 4 

Click Register once more now that you are logged in.

    Step 5

    Click Add To Cart Button. 

      Step 6 – Adding your Child

      If you are setting up an account for the first time you will be prompted to enter your child’s name and birth date. 

        Step 7 – Assigning your Child to a Program

        Once you add a child to your account you can then add more children to your account.  You can then select witch child you want to take that program. If you want more then one child in the program you will have to do that one at a time. So follow the next step and click continue shopping.

          Step 8 – Checking Out

          If you have selected all the programs you wanted go ahead and click Checkout. If you want to add more programs to your Cart please click Keep Shopping. You can view your order at anytime by clicking the cart icon in the upper right hand corner.

          You may also enter any Promo Codes you may have in this window. Please enter the Promo code and click Apply BEFORE you click checkout or the code will NOT be applied.

            Step 9 – Forms

            Once you have clicked checkout you will be asked to fill out this form. Once you have done this once your information will auto-fill in the future.

            Step 10 – Payment Review

            Review your payment information. Read our Policies/Terms &. Waviers then check the box. Then you can place the order.

            Step 11 – User Profile

            Once you have placed your order you can click on you name in the upper right corner of the screen which will let you manage your account.

            Step 12 – Your Account

            From this window you can manage your and your children’s profiles. You can review your orders and review any of your payment plans.

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