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PAA Program Overview

PAA offers musical theatre productions and classes three seasons per year: Fall, Spring and Summer.

Each season, classes and productions are grouped according to age and abilities, supporting high quality experiences and learning opportunities.

Fall Semester

A variety of Classes and Musical Theatre Productions

Fall Musical Theatre productions

  • PAA offers two musical theatre productions in the fall: one for Elementary (2nd-6th grade) and one for Middle & High School (7th-12th grade)
  • Students must take at least one PAA class to participate in a production
  • Rehearse twice a week for 10 – 12 weeks depending on the production

Fall Classes

  • PAA offers a wide variety of classes organized by age/grade groups
  • Classes include Acting, Voice, Dance and Behind the Scenes
  • Students are welcome to take classes without participating in a production

Registration opens June 1st.

The 10-12 week Programs run from mid August through early November.

Spring Semester

A variety of Classes and a Musical Theatre Production

Spring Musical Theatre Productions

  • PAA offers a production for grades 2nd-8th in the spring
  • Students must take at least one PAA class to participate in the production
  • Rehearse twice a week for 10-12 weeks 

Spring Classes

  • PAA offers a wide variety of classes organized by age/grade groups
  • Classes include Acting, Voice, Dance and Behind the Scenes
  • Students are welcome to take classes without participating in the production

Registration opens October 1st.

The 10-week Program runs from early January through mid March.

Summer Camps

Multiple 1- and 2-Week Summer Camps for ages 3 – 12th grade! 

Musical Theater and Introductory Summer Camps:
The 1- and 2-week camps involve curriculum-driven classes and performance-based rehearsals. PAA’s summer camps are for ages 3-18 and span the months of June and July. 

Registration opens  January 1st.

Workshops & Master Classes

Master Classes and Workshops occur occasionally throughout the year and have short time frames for registration due the availability of the artist. In addition to local artists, PAA engages touring artists to the master class setting that want to help enhance our students experience in voice, dance and acting. In order to know when these workshops and master classes occur, subscribe to our mailing list today!

After School Outreach

After School Musical Theater Outreach Programs for At-Risk Youth:
Each Fall and Spring, PAA runs an after school outreach program for students at East and Field Elementary schools in Littleton, Colorado.  The program is offered to students and families who have limited access to extended arts programs due to financial constraints.  Students register through PAA’s website once the dates and times are coordinated with the school calendar.  PAA is thankful for the many donors and foundations who help make this program possible for the students in our community! 

Growing with PAA

Our focus in classes and productions by age group.

Pre-K and Early Elementary

Children use creative discovery and imaginative play as they explore dramatic expression in the forms of dance, acting and music. Theatrical skills are learned through age-appropriate theatre stories and scripts, and the skills are applied in fun practice sessions. At the end of the semester, children share what they have learned with friends and family in a Shareformance.


Child artists learn and apply theatrical skills in the disciplines of dance, music, and text-based acting work, and are encouraged to explore how acting is inside all components of stage craft. More complex, age-appropriate theatre stories are explored, and scripts are introduced as a regular part of the classes. Ideas of character and story choices, theatre vocabulary, and guidelines for proper practice in theatrical work, including in rehearsal and production processes, are presented in fun and drama-based ways. These ideas are then applied in mini practice sessions in classes, as well as in productions.

Middle & High School

Young artists engage in studies of dance, music and text-based acting work, using scripts and non-scripted practice to learn and apply theatrical skills. More complex age-appropriate theatrical material is used for this age group, to keep their interest and engagement as they explore stories in dramatic fashion. At this age, the artists often ask to be challenged, and we meet them where they are so they can express their individuality, as well as learn to be a part of a collaborative whole, while encouraging them to go further in their theatrical learning and application.


For our theatre loving and theatre curious adults, we offer a variety of classes at different levels. We create a safe and fun environment where adults can learn and create in a variety of artistic disciplines, both on and off the stage. If you are an adult who has always wanted to try theatre, or someone who used to do theatre and wants to get back into it, or a practicing artist who has lots of experience and is seeking a community of fellow theatre enthusiasts, we welcome you!

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