Participating in musical theater is one of the most memorable experiences a person can have.

Working as part of a group to overcome challenges and put on a show anchors the experience in memory. Ask your friends! I bet they can easily recall the first musical they participated in.

We love musical theater because it brings together all of the arts in one comprehensive program.

Music and dance introduce basic performing arts while boosting creative thinking and expressive skills. The design and creation of sets, costumes, and props integrate the visual arts. Rehearsing and performing dialogue develops language skills. Integrating sound and lighting explores the use of technology. musical theater celebrates many diverse disciplines in one arena.

The process of presenting a musical offers students the opportunity to develop social skills and learn valuable life lessons.

  • In a musical, everyone’s contribution is important. The student designing props is as important to the overall success of the production as the student who plays Cinderella, Moana, or Aladdin.
  • Everyone must work together for the greater good, encouraging collaboration and community.
  • Students learn the importance of listening to each other speak and waiting one’s turn.
  • Students take positive risks and conquer fears while building self-confidence.

At a time in our world when the arts are deemed less important than other areas of academics, PAA continues to offer classes and musical theater productions for students.

Through PAA, your student always has access to performing arts education and the life-long benefits they provide.

PAA offers curriculum based arts education that:

Fosters Independence through age-appropriate responsibilities

Emphasizes teamwork and the importance of each individual’s contribution

Encourages kids to fail forward, and work through challenges in a supportive environment

Nurtures authentic self-confidence