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General Information


Sam Leahy is the Production and Site Manager for PAA. She supports our families and acts as your liaison. If there are any questions concerning a production or class, please contact Sam at producer@paacolorado.org or 303-900-7041 x0.

Social Media
We post lots of fun pictures and updates about our programs to our social media accounts. Follow us to keep up-to-date on the latest: facebook.com/paacolorado, @PAA_Colorado on Twitter, @paacolorado on Instagram and Snapchat.
Cell Phones
Every moment at PAA is an opportunity to learn and be engaged. Cell phones are to remain in bags during classes and rehearsals. In case of an emergency please call Sam Leahy at 303-900-7041 x0.
PAA performances require a paid ticket for admission. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show. Tickets can be purchased online at Here or at the door. Shareformances are free to attend.
Viewing Auditions, Rehearsals and Classes

In order to create a supportive, non-distracting environment for the students, we do not allow adults to view students’ while auditioning, rehearsing or in classes.

Lost and Found

Students who leave items behind can find them on the PAA lost and found table, usually located near the check-in table. If not picked up by the completion of Fall or Spring programming, items will be donated and discarded.

How to Download and Import Music Into Itunes

Learn how to download music from Google Drive and import it to Itunes. Click Here

How can I place an ad in the program or become a PAA Sponsor?
If you’d like to know more information about how you can support PAA with your company or business, please email Dr. James Ramsey or call 303-900-7041 x1.

Student Information


Fall and Spring studio productions begin at 6:30. Summer productions begin at 6:00. The doors open 30 minutes prior to each performance. New policy! In order to be fair and equitable since all PAA performances are General Admission, no more than one seat can be saved per admission ticket. (Shareformance start times may vary; they will be announced.)

Summer Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure

Drop Off: During the Fall and Spring PAA programming, students may be dropped off, or their adults can accompany them into the building to sign in.

Every student must sign in or be signed in each day. PAA encourages accountability in our students so we encourage self-sign in. Adults are welcome to assist younger children!

Pick Up: During class or rehearsal pick up time, PAA requests that children 6th grade and below (ages 3-12) be signed out by their adults and escorted to their vehicle as an added measure of safety in an increasingly busy parking lot.

All students must sign out or be signed out. Please be prompt at pick up! Refer to the calendar for your program for pick up times.

For last minute or emergency conflicts contact Sam Leahy at producer@paacolorado.org, or 303-900-7041 x0. Please be advised that more than two unexcused absences, or many additional new conflicts not listed on the conflict sheet provided at auditions, may result in recasting.
Items to Bring Each Day

Students need to bring a water bottle, dance shoes (if applicable), pencils, and script every day. Students will be told when lunches also need to be brought. Please label all personal items.


On Monday and Thursday, students are given a juice box and choice of fruit or chips during Snack n’ Chat time.


Please notify PAA if a student has an allergy we need to be aware of for safety. Please do not bring food for the entire group out of respect and safety for those who have allergies. PAA makes every attempt to provide a nut-free zone for those students who are allergic to nuts during the lunch and snack periods for their program.

Dress Code

We ask that students wear clothes that allow for ease of movement and cover private areas of their body.

Base Clothing Under Costumes

We ask that every student provide a base to wear under their costume. Unless otherwise instructed, the base costume is: Non-baggy shorts and tank tops in a neutral color without writing or graphics, and/or a dance leotard and tights for females. This clothing needs to be brought in at the beginning of tech week. The base costume will stay on site at PAA until the completion of the program.

Shoes for Rehearsals and Classes

If your student has dance shoes, please have them bring the shoes each day. Other than dance shoes, tie on shoes are recommended for students. Please do not wear “light-up” shoes. Closed toe shoes are required for all tech theatre students.

Shoes for Performances

Dance or Jazz shoes (nude or black) are required to be worn for Fall and Spring performances and for Shareformances (unless otherwise instructed by the teaching artist).

Shoe Exchange

PAA has an informal shoe exchange. If your student has outgrown a pair of dance shoes, they may be able to find a pair that fits them in the exchange box and swap. There is no charge for a shoe exchange swap.  However if you take a used pair without donating a pair, the charge is $5. Please note that this service is voluntary, not guaranteed and not monitored.

Audition Information

Audition information can be found here 

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