Auditions are a necessary, but understandably nerve-wreaking, part of the performing arts process. The actor’s job is to showcase their abilities as best they can so that the artistic team can place the actor in the best role for their abilities.

Musical theatre auditions consist of three parts—acting, singing, and dancing—the order of which changes depending on what order the artistic team has decided to go in.

For most PAA shows, the material for each audition is provided ahead of time. Students are sent a short dance routine to learn, a short monologue to memorize, and an excerpt from a song to learn. Most directors provide several song and monologue choices to choose from.

During the audition, students will be in a small group that proceed through the audition together along with the director, music director, and choreographer. This is the artistic team for your production, and you’ll get to know them really well over the next several weeks of rehearsals!

Auditions typically last 30-45 minutes and the cast list is typically announced 2-3 days later through email.


Audition Sign-Ups


**PLEASE NOTE** You need to register for a show before you can audition. If we do not have a current registration for you, you will not be permitted to audition. You can register for shows on the following pages: FALL SHOWS | SPRING SHOWS | MUSICAL THEATRE SUMMER CAMPS


Tuck Everlasting

June 12, 2021


The Lion King KIDS

June 19, 2021

What to Expect from PAA Auditions


We know that auditions can be fraught with anxiety so we make every effort to help students feel comfortable during the process. We provide material ahead of time to insure as much preparation as possible. We keep the audition environment casual and friendly, with students participating in small groups.



Once a student is registered for a show, you will receive an email from producer@paacolorado.org with the link where you can sign-up for an audition time slot. Auditions are typically 30-45 minutes in length an occur on one day.

The PAA Producer will also email you the audition material, typically consisting of a short dance routine to learn, a short monologue to memorize, and a 30 second excerpt from a song. Most directors typically provide multiple options for songs and monologues.

You will be asked to fill out your costume measurements ahead of time and submit them through an online form. This link will also be emailed to you. If you don’t do this ahead of time, a paper version will be available for you on the day of your audition.

You will be asked to submit any known absences and scheduling conflicts to the producer via email.


When you arrive for your audition you will check in with our site manger and join the small group of students whom you will be auditioning alongside.

PAA Staff will take your photo an give you your show script.

If you have not done so ahead of time, we will ask for your costume measurements as well as your list of known absences an scheduling conflicts. Your attendance is critical to your success and we take absences very seriously. Read more about PAA’s attendance policy


You will meet the artistic team for your show, typically consisting of the director, music director and choreographer.

You will take turns with the other members in your audition group performing your music, reciting your monologue, and dancing as a group.

Try to remember these three important things:

  1. Breathe. If you feel anxious, try slowing your breathing a bit, and pretend you are gently and slowly blowing on a wand to make bubbles. This is called using bubble breath.
  2. Be Yourself. We are thrilled to have you with us! The more you are you, the better we can find a role that that will be a good fit for you!
  3. Have Confidence. If you don’t feel confident, try finding a space in the waiting area before you go in and make a wide X with your body. Be an “X” for about 20 seconds or more!



Waiting is the hardest part! We will email the cast list typically 2-3 days after auditions. Once you know your part(s) you can find your scenes in your script and get to know your role.

Not getting the role you were hoping for can certainly be a disappointment. Please know that at PAA we think EVERY ROLE IS IMPORTANT, and we work hard to show that through our actions and interactions with students.

Check the schedule for when rehearsals start! We can’t wait to see you on stage!

Audition FAQs


Will every student have a role in the show?
Yes! Every student will have a role in the show and will be involved in the rehearsals!

Can parents watch the auditions?
No, we ask that adults please wait outside the audition room. This allows the students to fully participate in the process without additional distraction.

Who are the people in the audition room?
The director is the person who oversees the entire show, and also does the acting and blocking (where you move on stage) rehearsals. The choreographer creates and teaches the dances with the cast, and may also do other parts of the show depending on how the director and choreographer choose to work together. The music director is in charge of all of the singing and music for the production. They work closely with both the director and choreographer to make it all tie in together. Occasionally, additional PAA Staff may also be in the room, someone like our tech director or production assistant.

What do I need to prepare for auditions?
PAA typically provides a selection of short monologues to choose from, a few song excerpts to choose from, and one dance routine to learn. These materials are provided to you when you register for the show, so the earlier you register, the more time you have to prepare for the audition.

Where do I find the audition material?
Please check your inbox! You will receive an email from producer@paacolorado.org with the audition material for your show.

When will I know my role?
We will email the cast list typically 2-3 days after auditions. This may vary so please be patient with us. If you don’t receive any email within a week please check in with our producer, producer@paacolorado.org.

How will I know my role?
PAA will send an email.

What if I don’t get the role I was hoping for?
This is one of those tricky things that doesn’t have a perfect answer. We suggest talking your feelings out with an adult you trust, then taking a new look at the role you have been given with the goal of finding a way “in” to making friends with your character.
It could be fun to imagine you are interviewing your character to find out what they like, dislike, their dreams and hopes, their fears and maybe a secret too. This type of game is fun no matter if your character is a person or animal! Try looking for clues in the script to help figure out who your character is, and then use that information to invent things that feel right to you about your character and their journey through the story.

Do you have callbacks?
Our Conservatory level program is the only PAA program for which we model our auditions after professional auditions, with callbacks and cuts. All other PAA shows have one-day auditions, without callbacks, and every student is assigned a role.



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Katie Reid Milazzo

Katie is thrilled to be returning to her beautiful home state of Colorado after 15 years away performing and teaching professionally, and she is very excited to be joining PAA! National Tours: South Pacific (Nellie Forbush), 'S Wonderful (Jane), Annie (Ronnie Boylan). Regional: Last Five Years (Cathy), Marvelous Wonderettes (Missy), Princess and the Pea (Queen u/s), Land of Forgotten Toys (Queen), Full Monty (Pam), Ordinary Days (Claire), B’way: The Big Band Years (featured singer), Sweeney Todd, The Who's Tommy. BFA Musical Theater from The University of Oklahoma. In Chicago, Katie taught and directed at several performing arts programs, directing/music directing over 20 shows with ages K - 12. She especially loves working one on one with students and believes in the transformative power of theater for everyone!


McKensey Struzik

McKensey graduated from Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts with a BA in Acting and a Minor in Musical Theatre in 2016.  Since, she has taught children’s theatre at various studios in Virginia as well as in Colorado.  She has taught dance, private voice and group acting classes as well as choreographed, music directed many productions.  She has tap danced for 17 years and had the opportunity to study under tap dancers such as Savion Glover, Chloe Arnold, Maude Arnold, and Jason Janas.  She is thrilled to teach tap with PAA this year and can’t wait to get started.

Melanie Ware

Melanie has been with PAA as their Properties Master for six years and teaching classes for five. Melanie received her BA in Theatre from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in May of 2016. Between Acting, Directing and Properties Design she has roughly 12 years of theatrical experience. Favorite PAA design credits include: You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown!, Tarzan, Mary Poppins and The Addams Family.