Auditions are a nerve-racking but necessary part of the performing arts process. The actor’s job is to showcase their abilities as best they can so that the artistic team can place the actor in the best role for their abilities.

Auditions consist of three parts—acting, singing, and dancing.


In person auditions consist of three parts—acting, singing, and dancing—the order of which changes depending on what order the team has decided to go in. You will take turns singing the music you have prepared, learning a short dance sequence that you will demonstrate to the choreographer, as well as reading some lines from the script.

Students will be in a small group that proceeds through the audition together along with the director, music director, and choreographer. This is the artistic team for your production, and you’ll get to know them really well over the next several weeks of rehearsals!

The audition will last 45 minutes and the cast list is typically announce 2-3 days later through email. You can read more details about the audition process here.

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Disney's AristoCats KIDS

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June 25 & 26, 2020

Into The Woods Jr.

Audition Sign-up

June 25 & 26, 2020


Video auditioning can be difficult because there aren’t any other people to interact with. However it can also be a benefit, since you have as many chances as you need to get it right and show us your best audition.

Do your best to show a bit of your personality, and be confident! Speak and sing clearly, and make sure to prepare so you can feel ready and be expressive.

    • A phone camera is fine, as is any other type of video recording device you have access to. You will be uploading video files to submit them, so make sure you have access to a mobile device or computer with internet access. If you need access to video recording equipment or a computer so you can submit your audition, please contact us and we will make arrangements.
    • Make sure lighting is good and we can see your face clearly.
    • Minimize noise and visual distraction – try to not have animals or other children run through the room, for example.
    • Please make direct eye contact with the camera in each portion of the video audition.


We will want to hear you sing about 30 seconds of a song. Your music director will have specific instructions for each show. Those instructions will be emailed to you.

Watch and learn the dance combination provided by your choreographer. (“combination” means the dance sequence on the video). This will be sent to you in an email no later than one week before your audition due date. Practice the choreography so you feel totally comfortable sharing it. Wear dance shoes if you have them; sneakers are fine otherwise. (Please no light up sneakers.)

A scene selection will be emailed to you by your director. Try to memorize the monologue or scene. If you have to read from a paper to feel comfortable, that is all right, but do make sure the paper does not block your face and you look up and connect with the camera as frequently as possible. Remember to think about the character whose lines you’re reading. What are they feeling? How would they show those feelings through facial expressions or body language? Try to connect with the character.

How to Submit

Please film each of the three portions of your audition as separate, individual video files. Please remember to slate at the beginning of each video recording. To “slate” means that you say your name, your grade or age, and what you will be singing and which monologue or scene you will be reading. You will be emailed a link where you can upload your three video files.



We’re here for you! You can send us an email with any questions or concerns you have: producer@paacolorado.org


Every student is required to sing a song for the artistic team at their audition. We have provided four song options below. You are free to select a different song but you must provide sheet music for your selection and be aware that you will only sing approximately 30 seconds of your song.

Put on a Happy Face

Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’

I Could Have Danced All Night

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