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PAA relies on donations from from individuals, foundations and sponsors to transform the lives of students through performing arts.

Donations support 40% of our general programming and 100% of our Outreach Program.

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PAA is teaching foundational principles, taking kids as they are, where they are, to heights beyond what they can see. PAA helps kids to become a better version of themselves every day we work with them.


St. Luke’s UMC
East Elementary
Field Elementary
Mountain Vista HS
Rock Canyon HS

Performing Arts Academy Mission: 

Creating community, building character, and inspiring excellence through performing arts education.

Performing Arts Academy Vision:


To bring the transformative power of the performing arts to all.

PAA continues to address the need for quality arts education experiences in the south metro Denver area by providing the best experience possible for the children and youth in the community. 

Performing Arts Academy Mission: 

Creating community, building character, and inspiring excellence through performing arts education.

Performing Arts Academy Vision:

To bring the transformative power of the performing arts to all.

With this strong momentum and overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, families, and school administrators, PAA continues to address the unmet need for quality arts and education experiences by continuing to collaborate with Littleton Schools. PAA’s continued goal is to provide the best experience possible and ensure we utilize all the resources necessary to best serve our community

“We had the best experience. My daughter has been anxious and not wanting to get on stage for the past several years. This was her first time in years and PAA made it a fantastic experience. She felt loved and comfortable. She was pushed gently out of her comfort zone while feeling valued and successful. Whatever you are doing its working!


Platinum and Gold Sponsors

Platinum Star Sponsor

Platinum Star Sponsor

Gold Star Sponsor

Gold Star Sponsor

Foundation Grants

Virginia W. Hill Trust Foundation

Bowen Family Performing Arts Fund/The Denver Foundation

Our Donors

Thank you to our donors for helping PAA transform the lives of so many students through the performing arts! The journey to build character, create community and inspire excellence for all students would not be possible without our giving community! If you would like to be part of our amazing community of donors below, please donate now or contact Dr. James Ramsey, Executive Director at drjim@paacolorado.org or call 303-900-7041 x1.

Donation Levels:

Benefactor: $25,000 & above
Patron Sponsor: $10,000–$24,999
Sponsor: $5,000–$9,999
Producer: $2,500–$4,999
Director: $1,000–$2,499
Designer: $500–$999
Actor: $100–$499
Supporter: Up to $99

Businesses & Foundations

AGS Construction
Anastasis Academy
Anschutz Foundation
Arapahoe Park Pediatrics
ARC Thrift Stores
Bowen Family Fund/Denver Foundation
Carlstrom Family Charitible Fund
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Colorado Creative Industries
Fidelity Charitable
Fort Foundation
Fine Arts Foundation
GoodCoin Foundation
Images Everything, LLC
JK Group Inc
Miyaki Realty, Inc
Phyllis M Coors Foundation
Primavera Group
Sheila Fortune Foundation
The Bundt Shoppe
The Perfect Home Group
Trex Rain Escape
Virginia W. Hill Foundation
WaterStone Giving Strategies
Xcel Energy


Kenneth Fong & Betsy Keyack


Patron Sponsor




Jeff & Tracy Baumgartner
Rick & Robin Fort



Elaine and George Carlstrom
William Elder
Dyani Galligan
Jim & Grace George
Mike & Linda Hollyman
Stanton & Tricia Meyer
James & Leigh Ramsey
Bob & Lorna Roberts
Jennifer & Jon Schmidt
Austin & Beth Simmons
Jeff Suntken


Jim & Adoree Blair
Bruce & Connie Campbell
Craig Christensen
John & Terri Church
Holly Coors
Marty & Melinda Davidson
Susan Jin Davis
Dee & Jean Ann Duncan
Ken Eder
Charles Engle
Carl & Laura Fitch
Steve & Debbie Gampp
John & Marg Harper
Colleen Herskovits
Mike Kelley
Kim & Chris LaMee
Mary Maiers
Gerald & Linda McLeland
Leslie Porter
Dave & Jenita Rhodes
Mary Schade
Erynn & Nick Shryack
Thomas & Sallie Suby-Long


Gail Abernathy
Jerry & Carol Baumgartner
Ross and Ava Campbell
Cathy Christian
Stephen, Cathy, & Elise Collins
Joe & Theressa Dulaney
Al Fialkovich
Mary Kennedy
Terry & Kristin Lang
Danny & Susan MacIntosh
Mike & Sandi Miyaki
Justin & Andrea New
Mike & Ashley Osborne
Tiffany Payne & Matt Mann
Kevin & Taletha Pogge
Eric & Sarah Siegler
Richard Spong
Terry & Caroline Peltes
Jim & Lisa Hajek
Mary Berwyn
Randy & Sandy Larson
Stef Jeffries
John Hollingsworth
Mark & Patti Speedy
Jessica Sookyong Cho
Brian Rice
Jay & Jill Lee
Margaret Kirkpatrick
Bryan Hutchinson
Bruce Kirchoff
Kevin Larsen
Greg & Nancy Plamp


Brandy Caruso
John & Chris Brendlinger
Angela Alderson
Chris & Karen Amack
Andy & Kristi Amick
Dustin Audet
Linda Babcock
Cindy & Jeff Barlow
Ann & Stephen Bennett
Torin & Elisa Blair
Gregory Alan Boyer
Alex & Maja Buck
Caroline Butler
Robin Calkins
Eric Campbell
Cynthia Carpenter
Greg Cheng
Christina & Michael Follett
Janet Christopher
Ian Condie
Vernon & Eileen Coy
Greg Eifler
Megan Elward
Darci Freeman
Talia Gardner
Carol Gill & Chuck Smith
Beth Gorman
Chris Greene
Rowena Helman
Roseanne Thenell
John Jacobs
Sarah Jacquin
Kim Joseph
Rick Kellogg
Rick & Dani Stang
Richard & Carleen Krening
Tom & Carolyn Kuespert
Mark & Kristen Lamendola
Scott & Karen Meade
John & Amy Olaechea
John & Dottie Mann
Jon & Lise Takayama
Suzanne Rainy
Tanya Rodriguez
Craig Sawicki
Luke DeWitt
Suzanne Sharpe


Steve & Beth Shryack
Bruce & Kelly Stahlman
Josh & Jane Staller
Nicolette Vander Velde
Chris & Wendy Von Wald
Dennis Whitney
Schehera McKasson
Nick & Mary Michael Hawkins
John & Andrea Mezger
Jack & Cindy Parsons
Dale & Jody McGrath
Julie Hartsfield
Nicholas Calfee
David & Karen Tepoorten
Gordon & Lisa Heaton
Deborah Ransick
Denise Anderson
Uta Letbetter
Amanda Cushing
Brandi Petterson
Kristen Carney
Patricia Kennedy
David Hamasaki
Bryn Narcisian
Theresa North
Leslie Garske
Amy Adams
Loida Garcia
John Hare
Stephanie Hooley
Chelsea Johnson
Kevin Lewis
Amy Watson
Tracy Worek
Mark Johnson
Judith Schmidt
Greg DiMuro
Janell Barber
Darryl Vanpraag
Melanie Kirkpatrick
Julie Buckman
Patricia Hildebrand
Shayla Mirzakhani
Raina Powell
Mary Walsh
Judy & Walt Weiler


Rosemary Sietsema
Cassidy Calkins
Jessica Riescher
Rachel Eschelbacher
Amanda Mascarelli
Mark & Sandy Gibbons
Kathy Goldberg
David Haucke
Sara Buys
James Bacon
William & Ruby Hersberger
Janice Leaverton
Carla Tapia
Brad Nelson
Teri Burget
Kay Oscai
Marlene & Ron Rice
Chris & Kelly Rigolini
Brigitta Robinson, MD
Mark Santi
Ed & Kay Coryell
Robin Streeter
Todd & Remy Fenske
Chris Vanderpool
Bethany & Matt Wessel
Dennis & Mary Lou Wilwerding
Barry & Brenda Kooser
Jennifer Popovich
Frankie Barrett
Kristen Burkett
Brooke Ferguson
Amy Gonzales
Cynthia Gulde
Lisa Janisse
Melanie Ware
June Daniel
Jean Ann Duncan
Peter & Margie Shaw
Andrew Marples
Christine Kleen
Kristin Bureau
Malia Curran
Lori Jenkins
Robyn Moon
Michelle Barrett
Matt & Heather Bauer

“My daughter expressed that she felt safe to make mistakes at PAA. This is huge coming from a kid who is extremely hard on herself. She also told me that it was such a positive and supportive environment compared to the high school drama programs she has worked with. She felt loved and valued by the directors, staff and fellow students.


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