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The Beginning

PAA’s 2014 Outreach Pilot Program began through a collaboration with East Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado, a federally-funded Title 1 school where 80 – 90% of students are considered socio-economically at risk. The summer two-week musical theatre program was a first of its kind for the school, and performing arts participation was a new experience for many of the students. The program included curriculum-based voice, dance, and acting. The experience concluded with a full-scale production of Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS, which the children performed for an enthusiastic audience of family and community members.

With this strong momentum and overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, families, and school administrators, PAA is committed to expanding after school programming and access to address the need for quality, student-centered, arts and education experiences.

With this strong momentum and overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, families, and school administrators, PAA continues to address the unmet need for quality arts and education experiences by continuing to collaborate with Littleton Schools. PAA’s continued goal is to provide the best experience possible and ensure we utilize all the resources necessary to best serve our community

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

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Grants Received this year for After School Outreach Programs for at-risk youth equaling $12,500

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Aida Rasoli

“Hello. My name is Aida Rasoli. I am now in 6th grade [in 2018]. When I had to leave Performing Arts academy because I wasn’t going to be in elementary school anymore was hard. Performing Arts academy was the reason why I love doing what I am doing. Aka singing and acting. The first time I went to Performing arts academy I was very nervous to show my voice. But the experience they showed was the best. They made me feel good of myself that I could be me. Honestly when I did my first performance was the best time ever. When it ended I begged my mom if I could do Lion King in fifth grade. So when I did it I was myself and had fun. Seeing the crowd smile laughing made me feel good of myself. Plus the character I played which was Pumba was a lot like me. The last performing arts program I did was in the summer which was Seussical Kids. I was upset it was my last one but I had fun with my friends and new people that I met.

The thing I loved about being in Performing arts academy is I got to meet new people and got to know them better. I feel like meeting new people and getting to know them better is the best feeling ever.  I think everyone should know the thing you learn in performing arts academy is practicing what you need to do so you can be in front. Performing arts academy has changed my life a lot. Before doing performing arts academy I was this shy girl but now I do what I desire and be myself. I don’t even care what people say about me. Because I know people like me for who I am. Thank you.”

Aida Rasoli exemplifies why programs like this one are so important. The faculty and staff that had the pleasure helping to guide Aida through the 3 shows she participated in were thrilled when she asked to come back for the last show Performing Arts Academy (PAA) did at East Elementary, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as a student volunteer. Aida could not be in the show as she has graduated from East Elementary the previous year. She was an excellent assistant and a great role mold for the students.

Seussical Kids

Seussical Kids

Seussical Kids

Seussical Kids

Lion King Kids

Aladdin Kids

Goal One
Offer grade and age-appropriate music and performance skills through immersive instruction and practice in singing, acting, dance, and basic music theory.
Goal Two
Engage students, instill confidence, and foster collaboration as they prepare and apply their skills through performances for families and the local community.
A broad education in the arts helps give children a better understanding of their world…We need students who are culturally literate as well as math and science literate.”

-Paul Ostergard, Vice President, Citicorp

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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

– Dr. Seuss

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Melanie Ware

Melanie has been with PAA as their Properties Master for six years and teaching classes for five. Melanie received her BA in Theatre from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in May of 2016. Between Acting, Directing and Properties Design she has roughly 12 years of theatrical experience. Favorite PAA design credits include: You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown!, Tarzan, Mary Poppins and The Addams Family.