Work Study Program

Student Earn While They Learn

For every hour you work you receive a credit for the next show they want to particapate in.

Faculty Mentor

You are paired with a mentor who supports and guides you through your performing arts work study program experience.

Student Led

You decide goals you wish to focus on, and work with your mentor to create a path to success.

Work Study Program Application Guidelines

  • Complete the online form as completely as possible and click submit.
  • All information is confidential.
  • Applications can only be submitted online with current references.
  • Deadline for submission is 30 days before the registered program.
  • The PAA staff and Artistic teams determine all awards.
  • Each applicant will be notified of the qualifying Work Study Program award, usually within 2­4 weeks.

Work Study Program Application Selection Procedure and Guidelines

  • The PAA Work Study Program Committee, comprised of members of PAA staff and the involved Artistic team, meet to review all applications before the start of the registered program.
  • Various factors are taken into account to determine the amount of the Work­ Study Program award, such as income and student motivation, based on the applicant’s written statement and/or personal interviews.
  • Students will receive credit for each hour they work up to 50 percent of total tuition.
  • Upon agreement, the applicant enters into a contract with PAA as to specific duties/tasks for the Work Study Program.

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