Spring Fundraiser  |   March 27 – April 30, 2021

PAA spring fundraiser

We need your help to build PAA’s future.

The Performing Arts Academy, along with the rest of the arts community, is facing unprecedented financial challenges which are forcing us to make decisions we never imagined we would have to make.

We need your help to ensure the continuation of PAA. Please help us bridge these challenging times, keep our amazing professional staff with us, and keep the arts alive.

Please help us build a strong stage for PAA students to stand on for years to come!

Questions and Answers


You charge tuition, so why do you need donations?
Student tuition covers 60% of the cost of one PAA production. Because the price of putting on a show is so high we can’t possibly ask our students and families to shoulder the entire cost.

We are extremely grateful for the portion of financial support our students and families provide through their tuition, which is why we work diligently to make up the gap through fundraisers like our Spring, Build The Stage campaign, and our Fall, Stars in Arts Gala.


Where does my donation go?
To so many places! Internally we call it our “general operating fund” and this fund has the challenging job of covering the costs for our main PAA programing. You can expect your generous dollars to fund things like

  • Set design, props, and costumes for our shows
  • Licensing fees we pay to use the well known shows that students love
  • Classroom and stage rental fees
  • Staff to maintain our 10:1 student teacher ratio
  • Equipment purchases, rentals, and maintenance so that our students get experience with common theater industry equipment


What happens if PAA doesn’t meet its fundraising goal?
We hope that doesn’t happen! Our fundraising goals are carefully calculated so that our projected operating costs are covered for the current calendar year. If we fall short, then we’ll have to get creative with our programming. We may not be able to hire that dance teacher for the fall semester, or we may need to combine age groups for the fall shows to reduce overall production cost. Again, we really hope that doesn’t happen!


Do you offer work-match donations?
This is a wonderful program offered by more than 300 companies nation wide. You can visit this page to see if your company participates.


I’m interested in making a larger donation.
That’s wonderful! We have a lot of sponsorship opportunities for donors and companies who would like to support PAA. Please email Dr. James Ramsey or call 303-900-7041 x1.

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