CoronaVirus Response

In order to protect our students and staff as much as possible, PAA will be implementing the following protocols for our programs:

**Please note, due to the rapidly changing requirements, policies will be adjusted to comply with local ordinances**


You can find the participation waiver here: https://paacolorado.org/participation-waiver/


Program Adjustments

  • Students will be in smaller casts and classes to comply with the current guidance provided by local and state government officials for indoor spaces. In turn, this allows for more individual instruction as well as featuring more students in our staged productions.
  • All students and staff will maintain adequate social distancing of at least 6’. Performance blocking and choreography will be adjusted to accommodate these requirements.
  • Classes and rehearsals will take place either upstairs or downstairs at St. Luke’s UMC, limiting the amount of movement throughout the building.
  • We will not use stage makeup during performances – depending on the program, students may use makeup from home.
  • Students will be asked to bring and wear a mask during most of their time while at PAA. If a personal mask is not available, PAA will make every attempt to provide a student mask.


Procedural Changes

  • Student check-in/out is outside the St. Luke’s building while weather is good.  The check-in/out station for programs will be in front of the main entrance.
  • Parents are asked to wait in their cars or outside of the building during pick up and drop off. In case of inclement weather, the Production and Site Manager will advise parents or guardians on the updated procedure via email.
  • Students are asked not to arrive early, and will not be allowed to linger after classes and rehearsals.


Hygiene Adjustments

  • All faculty and staff’s temperatures will be checked regularly.
  • Students will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before and after each rehearsal and performance.
  • Please take your students temperature before coming to PAA. If they have a fever 100.4 or above or is close and don’t feel well, please stay home.
  • Students will use hand sanitizer after they blow their nose, sneeze, or cough into their mask and elbow. PAA uses a hand sanitizer that is between 62% and 70% alcohol based.
  • PAA will be cleaning high-touch surfaces in the building before and after each class and rehearsal such as handles, door panels, hand railings, drinking fountains, sinks, urinals, etc. with a certified disinfectant that is state approved for preschools.
  • PAA will sanitize and disinfect the restrooms regularly while in the building.





Summer/Fall 2021

Please note: the answers that pertain to 2021 supersede other answers that may be found in other sections of this page.

COVID-19 procedures and policies are subject to change as local ordinance and guidance changes.

Where can I find the participation waiver?
You can find and sign the participation waiver her: https://paacolorado.org/participation-waiver/

What precautions are you taking to keep students and staff healthy?
We take the health and safety of our students and staff seriously. Please read through our CoronaVirus Response page and the FAQ’s below.

What do I do if I’m sick or someone in my family is sick?
If your child feels sick at all, for any reason, PLEASE STAY HOME. Send an email to producer@paacolorado.org and include the symptoms you are experiencing. Any student who has a fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, or vomiting is required to stay home until they are symptom free for 24-48 hours. If you know you have been in close contact (Within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME and quarantine for 10 days and check in with your Health Care Provider unless you have proof of vaccination. Send an email to producer@paacolorado.org and we will work with you on a plan of action.

How many children will be in each class or cast?
While exact enrollment numbers fluctuate, we maintain the current requirements by governing authorities. Classes and casts are limited to the number of students that can safely gather in a specific room or rooms.  Depending on the number of students and faculty who have been vaccinated and the size of the room or if it’s outside, PAA calculates the appropriate number of participants in each class and cast that can safely gather in a room or on stage.

Will you create cohort groups to limit exposure?
Yes, we will continue to limit exposure with cohort groups taking into consideration the number of vaccinated individuals.

Will students be required to wear masks?
All Faculty, Staff and Students will wear a mask while at PAA, both inside and outside when vaccination rate is not known and individuals are not socially distant.  We have been studying the most recent scientific data and international aerosol studies that overwhelmingly conclude that wearing masks while speaking and singing significantly reduces the risk of transmitting aerosols that carry the coronavirus. However, if students are outside and distanced, they will not be required to wear masks.

Should students bring their own masks from home?
Yes please! Students will be asked to bring and wear a mask during most of their time while at PAA. If a personal mask is not available, PAA will make every attempt to provide a one-time use student mask.

Why do all of the students wear masks?
We wear masks to protect not only ourselves but also each other. If a person is infected, their mask will capture any large respiratory droplets they produce before they are expelled into the air, thereby preventing them from unknowingly infecting people around them. In contrast, a FACE SHIELD, by nature of its design, allows these droplets to escape rather than be captured.

How will social distancing occur inside and outside?
Students will be encouraged and reminded to social distance inside and outside as appropriate.  Additionally, they will still be able to socialize with their friends while socially distanced.

Will students be required to socially distance in the classroom?
Yes, when stationary and as much as possible while moving. However, our goal is also to keep our students safe while not making them feel fearful or nervous to socialize with others.

Will students have their temperatures taken during the day?
No, unless they are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms.

Should students bring their own hand sanitizer from home?
Hand sanitizer is available for all students at any time they are involved in a PAA activity.  If you prefer that your child only uses their individual size containers, please send it with them. Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer after they blow their nose, sneeze, or cough into their mask and elbow. PAA’s hand sanitizer is between 62% and 70% alcohol based.

If my child was tested, can I bring them to PAA?
No, please do not send your child to PAA following a COVID 19 test.  In order to prevent a possible quarantine, please have your child stay home until you know the results of the test. If the test result is negative, your child may return to PAA.

Who are the governing bodies who have influenced these policies?
PAA Board of Directors, PAA Staff, St. Luke’s UMC, CDC, Tri-County Health, and the State of Colorado


What happens if my child gets sick at PAA?
We have created an isolation room that allows us to properly care for any sick children while quarantining them from their peers and waiting for parents to arrive to take the student home. We understand that not all illnesses will be COVID19 related, but we need to provide a safe place to handle illnesses. A staff member will be monitoring the student in the isolation room. We will call the parents when a child reports being ill, and if we have not heard from a parent or guardian within 30 minutes, we will begin to call the emergency contacts listed in the registration paperwork.

What if my child or another child has a fever not related to Covid? Can he or she return to PAA?
If a child has a fever above 100.4, they cannot attend PAA and we recommend contacting your health care provider if you begin to witness COVID symptoms.  Once a student exhibits no symptoms for 24 hours including a fever, the student may return to PAA.

What happens if a student, staff or faculty member tests positive for COVID?
While each situation is unique and will be handled accordingly, it is likely we will suspend in-person learning for the classroom or cast where the child tested positive until the appropriate time has passed since exposure unless there is a significant number of individuals who are vaccinated and therefore do not need to quarantine.  By keeping classes socially distanced, wearing masks, and exercising consistent hygiene procedures, we hope that we only have to close the classrooms with immediate contact to the child or staff member who is suspected of being exposed.

What happens if a student’s family member tests positive for Covid?
There is an exposure model called the ABC model that will help us determine the correct course of action. The model essentially helps us determine if someone is a primary contact (someone who needs to self-quarantine), or a secondary contact (someone who needs to be aware but does not need to self-quarantine). In the event a parent reports testing positive, their child would be a primary contact, and the students in the classroom would be secondary contacts. We will also consult with PAA’s Health Care Consultant in each Covid exposure situation. Again, we will work hard to communicate situations with families while maintaining confidentiality.

If my child’s school or cohort advises a quarantine or closure can my child still participate with PAA?
Yes they may participate as long as you were not notified to isolate and your child had no direct contact and is not experiencing any symptoms. If you received notification to self-isolate, please notify the Registrar and Site Manager for next steps.

Will I be notified if someone at Performing Arts Academy tests positive for Covid?
In the event someone at PAA tests positive for COVID19, we will consult Tri-County Health and PAA’s contracted Health Care Professional (nurse) from Children’s Hospital, and alert St. Luke’s UMC. We will follow the advice of Tri-County Health on who needs to be notified. A student or family member’s personal information and name will never be shared. We will respect confidentiality and HIPPA laws.

If a class or cast is quarantined due to a suspected positive or confirmed positive COVID19 case, can they still meet? Yes, but likely on zoom. The PAA team has had good success in teaching over zoom during the summer. If we move to a zoom platform, the Registrar and Site Manager will send a specific zoom link for your child to participate with the instructor and their class or cast mates.


Are the restrooms cleaned regularly?
Yes! While we encourage students to utilize the bathroom facilities before coming to PAA, selected restrooms are available for use and are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized regularly during programming.

What is PAA doing to help increase ventilation in the classrooms to reduce the spread of COVID?
We have many commercial HEPA filtration units for rooms and have installed air unit filters with MERV13 or HEPA filters. We know the ACR or air change rate for each of our rooms, and are able to maintain safe capacities in each space.

What cleaning protocols are in place to ensure the safety of the children and staff?
PAA uses a line of cleaning products that have been approved by Tri-County Health from a company called Buckeye. Buckeye provides both a sanitizer and disinfectant that are used properly according to their labels.


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Katie Reid Milazzo

Katie is thrilled to be returning to her beautiful home state of Colorado after 15 years away performing and teaching professionally, and she is very excited to be joining PAA! National Tours: South Pacific (Nellie Forbush), 'S Wonderful (Jane), Annie (Ronnie Boylan). Regional: Last Five Years (Cathy), Marvelous Wonderettes (Missy), Princess and the Pea (Queen u/s), Land of Forgotten Toys (Queen), Full Monty (Pam), Ordinary Days (Claire), B’way: The Big Band Years (featured singer), Sweeney Todd, The Who's Tommy. BFA Musical Theater from The University of Oklahoma. In Chicago, Katie taught and directed at several performing arts programs, directing/music directing over 20 shows with ages K - 12. She especially loves working one on one with students and believes in the transformative power of theater for everyone!


McKensey Struzik

McKensey graduated from Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts with a BA in Acting and a Minor in Musical Theatre in 2016.  Since, she has taught children’s theatre at various studios in Virginia as well as in Colorado.  She has taught dance, private voice and group acting classes as well as choreographed, music directed many productions.  She has tap danced for 17 years and had the opportunity to study under tap dancers such as Savion Glover, Chloe Arnold, Maude Arnold, and Jason Janas.  She is thrilled to teach tap with PAA this year and can’t wait to get started.

Melanie Ware

Melanie has been with PAA as their Properties Master for six years and teaching classes for five. Melanie received her BA in Theatre from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in May of 2016. Between Acting, Directing and Properties Design she has roughly 12 years of theatrical experience. Favorite PAA design credits include: You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown!, Tarzan, Mary Poppins and The Addams Family.