A post by Dr. James Ramsey, PAA Executive Director

sheet-music-277277_960_720How do you pick a song for an audition?

Audition processes can be as different as there are roles depending on the organization and artistic team choosing the cast. However when choosing a selection for a general audition, there are several things to consider, but I’ll narrow it down to a few. First, you must set your expectations to be as prepared as possible no matter where your next opportunity lies. Second, you should present a song that you really love. In determining the latter, I’d recommend these two guidelines:

1. what song demonstrates my best singing range and not necessarily the highest and loudest?
2. what song demonstrates my strengths as a singer including versatility and flexibility?

When a director is looking for a specific character type or you’re auditioning for a specific role, its always an option to consider a song that allows him or her to see you in that role. That being said, directors are also hired to see potential. My advice is not to get too caught up in finding the “perfect” song that would be a good match for a specific role. Always be yourself, give 110% and be prepared to learn something in the process about how you can improve because, after all, that’s real life whether or not you get the part you want.