Performing Arts Academy alumni Elise Collins is currently performing in the Regional Premiere of Equivocation as part of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. The show runs through August 6th, so there are still chances to see it and support a former PAA student!

In Equivocation “reluctant playwright and sleuth ‘Shag’—aka William Shakespeare—finds himself at the perilous crossroads between artistic integrity and survival when King James I commissions him to rewrite the history of England’s infamous Gunpowder Plot. Under the Orwellian gaze of a security state not far removed from today’s headlines, he must find a way to tell the truth without selling his soul.”

Elise is the lone female in the cast, playing the role of Judith, Shag’s daughter. According to GetBoulder.com, Elise is “possessed of uncommon common sense and steadfast manner” while Westword says that “the ending, movingly performed by Collins with just the right mixture of toughness and vulnerability, is a joy”.

The show is being played at The University Theatre at CU Boulder, located just east of Broadway between University Ave and Euclid Ave. Click here to purchase tickets. Equivocation does feature some swearing and violence and may not be suitable for children.

Photo by Jennifer M Koskinen