PAA has partnered with Alta Independent, who has verified that our curriculum meets their credit requirements. To receive High School credit you will need to enroll in and complete a semester-long PAA class or show.

Students can earn 0.5 credits for each PAA semester-long class or show (minimum 60 hours of instruction) which can be applied toward P.E., Fine Arts, or Electives requirements for your High School Diploma.



STEP 1: Register and complete a semester-long PAA class or show

Any of the classes or shows offered in our Spring or Fall semesters will qualify for school credit. PAA Summer camps will not qualify since they do not meet the required number of instructional hours. SPRING SEMESTER

STEP 2: Work with Alta Independent to apply for your credits

Alta Independent is a fully accredited online high school that offers high school education to students on a full-time, part-time, and dual enrollment basis. Alta Independent will verify the hours of instruction with PAA and work directly with your high school to transfer the appropriate credits.

Read more about how to work with Alta Independent here.