Performing Arts Classes

PAA offers a wide variety of curriculum based performing arts classes for students ages 3 through 12th grade. Classes address the following areas of study:

  • Dance Classes
  • Voice Lessons
  • Acting Classes
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Technical Theater

Students may take as many classes as fit comfortably in their schedule. Placement in advanced level courses is easy to arrange. Please contact us for instructions.

Students who participate in on of our fully staged musical theater productions must also take at least one class.

Students are welcome to take classes without participating in a show.

Important Dates:

  • June 15 – Registration opens

  • August 17 – Classes begin

  • December 4 – Shareformance

Fall Classes

Pre K – 2nd Grade    Elementary    Middle School    High School
Classes subject to change based on availability and interest.

Pre-K & Early Elementary

Theatre in a Trunk: I Like to Move It, MOVE IT! (ages 3-K)
Theatre in a Trunk: X Marks the Spot (grades K-2)



Acting (grades 2-6)
Improv (grades 2-6)
The Audition* (grades 5-12; pre-req previous acting experience)


Voice (grades 2-6)


Ballet (grades 2-6)
Ballet 2* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Ballet & teacher placement)
Hip Hop (grades 2-6)
Hip Hop 2* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Hip Hop & teacher placement)
Advanced Hip Hop* (grades 2-12; *pre-req teacher placement)
Tap (grades 2-6)
Tap 2* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap)
Tap 3* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap 2)
Advanced Tap* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap & teacher placement)

Behind the Scenes

Props! Theatrical Props Design (grades 5-12)

Middle & High School


Acting (grades 7-12)
Acting 2* (grades 7-12; *pre-req Acting / prior acting experience)
Acting 3* (grades 7-12; *pre-req Acting 2 / prior acting experience)
Improv (grades 7-12)
The Audition* (grades 5-12; *pre-req prior acting experience)


Voice (grades 7-12)


Ballet 2* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Ballet & teacher placement)
Hip Hop 2* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Hip Hop)
Hip Hop 3* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Hip Hop 2)
Tap 2* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap & teacher placement)
Tap 3* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap 2 & teacher placement)
Tap 4* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap 3 & teacher placement)
Advanced Tap* (grades 2-12; *pre-req Tap 3 & teacher placement)

Behind the Scenes

Theatrical Makeup Design (grades 7-12)
Props! Theatrical Props Design (grades 5-12)
Introduction to Directing (grades 7-12)

Registration Opens June 15

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Fall Semester Class Registration

Space is limited and registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis. No registration is complete without payment.

PAA offers 1, 2, 3, or 4 installment Payment Plans to help you with your family budget. You can read more about available payment options here. After completing your registration form you will be directed to pay online with a credit or debit card. To pay by cash or check please enter the code ccpp into the promo code box. PAA’s Financial Manager will contact you for payment.

Please see our Cancellation Policy for details on cancellations and refunds.

Financial assistance is available. Please see our Financial Aid page for more information. Financial Aid Applications for Fall are due by July 1st. 

Please review our Policies page for a full list of PAA policies.

Registration for Fall Semester opens June 15.

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